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When You Should Turn To Homefront

Homefront, your local home buyer, specializes in helping you sell your Spokane or Coeur d'Alene house fast, off-market, and no matter what. We’ve helped sellers in situations like these and more:
Property is dated or in need of repairs

Property is dated or in need of repairs

Downsizing or relocating due to retirement

Downsizing or relocating due to retirement

Structural issues, unpermitted work or condemned house

Structural issues, unpermitted work or condemned house

Inheriting a property you can’t keep

Inheriting a property you can’t keep

Financial distress such as medical bills or foreclosure

Financial distress such as medical bills or foreclosure

Sudden or unexpected life events

Sudden or unexpected life events

Vacant or problematic rental houses

Vacant or problematic rental houses

Tired out of state landlords

Tired out of state landlords

We Buy Properties In Any Condition In Eastern Washington And Idaho

We have a solution for every situation. Including yours.

Close On Your Time

Close in as little as 7 days. No listing with real estate agents, no open houses, and no waiting months for lenders or contingencies.

Eliminate Closing Costs

Save thousands throughout the closing process. No realtor commissions, appraisals, title company, and we pay cash.

Sell House As-Is

No repairs, clean ups, or showings. We haul off unwanted stuff. Sell fast without the work or worry of a traditional realtor process.

Custom Services

Our goal is your success. For example: once you’ve agreed to an as is cash offer, you may be eligible for a cash advance.

The #1 Coeur d’Alene and Spokane Home Buyers (We Buy A Home Every 3 Days.)

Serving motivated home owners to sell their house fast, since 2009.



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We want to purchase your house as is. Read what some of your neighbors had to say about their Homefront great experience:
Property is dated or in need of repairs

“Stan was the first person I spoke with who helped me find a solution to my situation that worked for me. He listened to what I needed even though it was complicated. Not having to use real estate agents was such a relief, and I didn’t even have to pay closing costs. In the end, I am not sure how else I could have moved forward with the sale. Choosing Spokane home buyers for my own home is one of the best decisions for selling your home.”

- Terry

Structural issues, unpermitted work or condemned house

“Selling my house was easier than selling my car. they didn’t ask for multiple showings, they didn’t ask for an inspection, they even sent me a mobile notary because i couldn’t come to them for signing, and i got funds within 24 hours. As simple as they said it would be. also, I never thought that these local home buyers could provide a competitive cash offer without any home inspection. They allowed me to get out of the house quickly so i could move to my dream home. If you’re looking to sell a Spokane home, homefront is the answer.”

- Amy

Susan's Home

“Jeff was a doll to work with. he was kind, patient, and explained everything as many times as i needed him to so that i understood the first-time home selling process. Even though i was going through an emotional time, he made selling the family house the best that it could have been in the given situation. Spokane home buyers have not only given me the most competitive cash offer but also rescued me from my dreadful financial situations and the whole process was hassle free. Great experience! ”

- Susan

Bill's house

“Spokane home buyers have made the home selling process simple as it can be. these guys are the ‘easy button’ of real estate. i had multiple rental properties that were giving me trouble with tenants and they bought them anyway, tenants in place, in as-is condition. I know i could have taken a year and gotten the properties vacant, fixed them up myself, and sold them for top dollar, but i am a busy person and i wanted cash and a quicker solution. I know who i’ll send my buddies to when they have properties they want to unload. best home buyers in the spokane area.”

- Bill

Before you sell your house for cash…

Here are some things to consider. We are the longest-lasting home buyers in Spokane WA.
Learn from our team’s years of experience:

Should I sell my House to Zillow? - 10 reasons why it’s probably a bad idea

“More often than not, websites in real estate exist to extract your contact details. Quite frankly, they are huge traps formulated as a lead machine for Realtors.”

How To Get The Most Money For Your As-Is House

How To Get The Most Money For Your As-Is House

“The real estate market might fluctuate but one question that will always be there in the minds of those planning to sell a property is “how to get the most money for your house?”

Questions to Ask When Selling Your Home to an Investor

“Real estate investors are the most attractive and suitable option if you are looking for quick ways to sell your house for instant cash. Selling your property to an investor is a different ball game than selling it to someone with immediate plans to move in.”

Questions To Ask When Selling Your Home To An Investor
Homefront Team


We are local Coeur d’Alene and Spokane home buyers. 

Jeff and Gavin were raised in the inland northwest their whole lives. Over 12 years ago they decided to join forces with a dream to improve the community as a whole, build churches and allow their wives to stay at home with their children. 

Our Spokane home buyers open the door to a bright new future for everyone involved. Our team has an unmatched passion for serving the area and community. We understand why people are skeptical of ‘cash buyers’ or an ‘only exclusive buyers agency’, but we have made a vow to be an example in our community of how to serve people first. We ensure that every transaction is simple, professional, and helpful for all parties.

Together we can improve Spokane and Coeur d’Alene one property at a time! Call us today, and let’s talk about your situation.

Our Proven Performance Speaks for Itself

Homefront has helped hundreds of local homeowners sell their home fast or on their timeline .

24 + years of combined real estate experience

$3,127,000 + saved in realtor fees

Close in as little as 10 Days

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500 + Houses Purchased to date

#1 home and land buying company in Coeur d’Alene

5 times faster than selling with a Realtor

142 tons of stuff removed (at no cost, no paperwork)

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First in class, speed, and excellence. HomeFront.

With 20+ years, thousands of homes bought & sold – we’ve seen it all. We are ready to buy any house, in any condition, for a fair cash offer. As the actual buyer of your home, we have the flexibility to customize every aspect of the offer to fit your needs.