If you need a creative or quick solution as an alternative to traditional listing, we can provide this. With experience in complex situations involving probates, inheritances, divorces, foreclosures, evictions, trouble-tenants, tax issues, and even just tricky family situations. We love challenges & learning, even if it is a first for us, we are more than happy to work through the issues with you! We can help in more ways than just buying the property, sometimes we help by simply staying out of the way and closing quickly. With HomeFront, you are always in control of the process.

Each situation is different, and we will always walk your through the steps to how we arrived at your offer. In general, we find similar homes in the area that have recently sold and use this as the starting price. From the starting price we will subtract any repair costs needed and the present condition of your property. With this process we arrive at the fair value as-is offer for your property.


Zero. Zilch. Nada. In a traditional home sale, there will be realtor fees up to 6% of the total price. On top of that, a buyer may request repairs and cleaning to be done, or even a concession (discount) after the purchase price is set. We cut out realtor fees (while still using the same local closing attorneys used in the traditional process) and as experienced buyers have already factored in any repair costs. The number on our offer is the exact amount that will be deposited to your accounts.

We are a team of local professionals who repair & renovate properties to facilitate housing solutions in Washington & Idaho. Our offers are always based on the cost to bring the home up to market condition. Every member of our team grew up in the area, and we love being able to rejuvenate the community by upgrading homes!

If you are in the position to do so, we encourage it! However, it is important to know the drawback to MLS listings, as it is a much less flexible process compared to selling directly to us.

  • Agents will have to schedule showings for all the interested buyers to tour the property. We tour properties based on your needs, sometimes we are even able to purchase a home virtually via photos and videos! This is especially beneficial for those with health concerns.
  • Agents will take a percentage (3-6%) of the sale price as commission meaning less cash in your pocket. With us, what you see is what you get, the price we pay is the price you get!
  • The MLS process moves at the pace set by the buyer, not the seller. Whether that pace is fast or slow, it is set by what is convenient for the buyer, not the seller. With HomeFront as the buyer we allow you to pick the schedule that works best for you and your situation.
  • Most MLS offers are contingent on funding being approved by banks, meaning a buyer can fall through due to lack of money, even after months of negotiation! We don’t use conventional bank loans, instead we use private funding sources. The only time we make an offer is when we already have the funds secured for the purchase.

Our goal is always to help your situation, and we understand that life changes. The decision to continue is always 100% yours to make, and yours to make at any stage in the process. Any offers made are always free, and you are never under obligation! Our offers are meant to help you see the flexible options that exist for your unique situation in life.


Our Goal is to Offer a Unique Solution for Every Situation

We are ready to buy any house, in any condition, for a fair price. As the actual buyer of your home, we have the flexibility to customize every aspect of the offer to fit your needs. Less headache & cash in your pocket sooner!