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A quick Introduction

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Tired out of state landlords


Give us the Full Story

You can meet us at the property or just send us pictures of the interior Now is the best time to help us understand your situation. Set an appointment to view the property. This isn’t a home showing, so no need to clean up, we have seen it all.

Or if you prefer to  theconvenience of virtual, send photos/videos of the home and we can discuss over the phone. Whatever works best for you! will provide you with an instant, cash offer for your home without any home inspection!


Get Your Offer

Our offers are always free with zero obligation for you to accept!

When offers are accepted, we submit the paperwork to local closing attorneys. Whether you want to close in 7 days or a few months, you will have cash in your pocket when you want it.

Sudden or unexpected life events

Selling Your Home Should be
Stress-Free, Straight-Forward, and Quick

While the traditional home selling process can be slow to close, may have hidden fees, the hassle of dealing with tenants, and require costly and time-consuming repairs and/or cleaning, selling directly to us streamlines the entire process!

  • As the actual home buyer, we can accommodate any closing schedule to fit your needs. We are experienced purchasing homes with closing periods as little as 7 days to as much as multiple months to fit the needs of our client.

  • Unlike traditional offers, the amount we offer you is what you walk away with. There are no hidden costs/fees in our process that eat into your sale price, and we always use local closing attorneys.

  • Even in difficult times, we are willing to purchase properties that are occupied, saving you the headache of dealing with any trouble tenants.

  • We are accustomed to getting our sleeves dirty and doing any repairs and cleaning ourselves, allowing you to leave the property in its current condition. Absolutely no work or cleaning is required!


Our Goal is to Offer a Unique Solution for Every Situation

We are ready to buy any house, in any condition, for a fair price. As the actual buyer of your home, we have the flexibility to customize every aspect of the offer to fit your needs. Less headache & cash in your pocket sooner!