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11 Expectations You Should Have When Selling Home for Cash

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Imagine you need some cash quickly and your only option is to sell your house. You list your house on a listing website and you wait for the buyers to enquire about your house. A buyer suggests you conduct some costly repairs and only then they will consider buying it. You are already in a pinch and now your only option of getting huge funds is not working. This made-up scenario is a reality for many. Selling your house is such a drag. It seems like the process never ends.

Fortunately, there are some real estate solutions and organizations who will buy your house immediately, without you conducting repairs, and will give you a cash offer in exchange for your property. Helping homeowners sell a house fast is what these typos of organizations do. Sell a home for cash Spokane, WA and get money when you need the most.

If you are planning to, sell your house fast for cash, this post will give you a clear idea of what you can expect during the whole process.

Who will buy your house for cash in Spokane, WA?

First things first – who in the world is even going to buy your house and give you a handsome cash offer? Many private entities willingly buy houses in Spokane, WA for cash for investment purposes. There are 4 types of cash offer home buyers you will come across in the market.

Home Buying Companies

Home buying companies are businesses that buy houses as-is and sell them at a higher price. These are the best to work with if you’re looking to skip the closing closets and sell your house fast for a fair all cash offer.

Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors can be an entire institution or a single individual who invests in properties that have the potential to provide a great return on investment. They will help you sell your house for a fair cash offer rather quickly.


iBuyers or instant buyers are companies who have the financial means to provide instant cash to many people who are willing to sell their houses.

Local Individuals

Your house buyer could also be some wealthy local cash buyer. They could be any rich individual who is just interested in your property. They may/may not see it as an investment.

If you think carefully, all these four entities do is buy your house for cash and resell it to enjoy the profit. Let’s call them “investors” as a collective term throughout the post. A real estate investor is different from a real estate agent. Agents are licensed professionals who provide real estate solutions and they work for a broker. Investors are independent and they don’t need a license to sell and buy houses.

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How does selling a home in cash work?

Selling a home for cash is fairly easy if you compare it to the work it takes to sell your home on your own or with the help of a realtor. We will touch upon this in detail a bit later in this post. First, let’s see the process to sell your house fast for fair cash offer.

Say you have a house that you want to sell because you have a loan to be repaid. If you decide to sell it to an investor, all you have to do is find a good investor and initiate a conversation to receive an offer.

Many investors and home buying companies now have websites. You can just fill in a short property information form and wait for the investor to present a fair all-cash offer. Most companies will provide you with a no-obligation cash offer, so you can compare multiple offers and decide on one.

After a bit of negotiation and some paperwork, your house is sold. Most cash home buyers are wealthy, they don’t rely on traditional bank financing methods to buy your Spokane home. Therefore, they will always propose an ASAP cash offer, which means you get your money immediately.

Investors don’t care if your house doesn’t have a trendy color or it is leaking in some parts. They will buy your house as is anyways. They will do home improvements and repairs to make your house a brand new property and sell it at a higher price. Alternatively, they could become landlords and rent out the property.

Selling for cash is fast, hassle-free, and absolutely safe!

What to expect when selling your home for cash

If you are completely new to selling houses to investors for a cash offer, you probably have no idea what you should expect during the whole process. Here are 11 things you can expect when trading your house a quickly for cash in Spokane county.

1. Sell your Spokane home to investors

The biggest advantage of selling your house to a cash buyer is that the selling process is very fast. As we talked about earlier, it doesn’t require you to make any repairs, search for a good real estate agent, wait for the right buyer, documentation, or wait for the buyer to get a loan.

There is no time wasted in re-listing your property and conducting open houses as well. So, you can expect a speedy process of about a week or 10 days. Just to give you an idea, selling a home with the help of real estate agents easily takes at least one month and some unfortunate sellers wait for buyers for years.

2. The investor will buy your house even if it’s not in its best condition

An investor will buy your Spokane house as-is. When you sell your house with the help of a local real estate agent, you will have to renovate your house to make it ready for the market. Everything needs to be done before the home is listed, from basic repairs to interior décor and landscaping. Let me tell you, decorating your house often gets heavy on pockets. With an investor on your side, you can sell even burdensome houses fast. Because the investor does not intend to live in the property, they are unconcerned whether the paint of your home is chipped or your backyard is actually a junkyard.

3. The home valuation can be different from what you perceive

The value of your house is based on a lot of factors like-

  • Location
  • The carpet area of the house
  • Major and minor repairs
  • Landscape
  • Features and amenities in your house
  • How old is your house
  • Defects detected during the home inspection
  • Market condition

For example, simply conducting renovation in the kitchen and outdoors can increase the price of your house considerably. The opposite is also true. If your landscape and kitchen are in horrible condition, your house will be priced lesser.

4. Two house buying companies will evaluate your house differently

Please understand one thing, the price of your house will be decided by the investor or an appraiser hired by the investor. Therefore, one investment firm may give a higher valuation for your house than the other. We advise that you get a valuation from multiple investors and select the one who gives the most competitive cash offer.

5. You will be surprised to see how much money you saved when you sell your house quickly

When selling the house in the traditional way, you will have to pay money for a lot of things. Listing and agent fees can quickly add up along. Not to mention a few there are closing costs, house repair and renovation charges, fees of professional house inspectors, professional photographers, and staging experts, transfer tax, and more. If you are unaware of this, which most first-time sellers are, you not only have to pay your realtor fees, but the buyer’s agent fees are also your responsibility.

6. You get multiple payment options

Usually, investors pay cash, but there are other ways they might use like certified funds or certified checks. What are these? In scenarios where the investors hand you a check instead of a black leather briefcase containing bricks of money, certified checks are used. This is a check that is approved by a bank or institution. This means that the bank guarantees that the check is legitimate and the recipient will get their money for sure. Once you have this guarantee, you can proceed with signing the transfer documents and other legal stuff.

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7. The closing date is scheduled as per your wish

The fast process of selling a house for cash can be too overwhelming for some people. However, there is nothing to worry about. Investors always have money, so you get the chance to decide if you want to close the deal today or after a month.

8. Expect a lot of negotiation

Whether you sell your home through a listing website or directly to an investor, negotiation is to be expected. Both the sellers and the purchasers want to profit from this transaction, so they will do their best to reach an agreement that benefits both parties.

9. The sale usually happens at a lesser price than the fair market value

Fair market value is the price of your house in the market in the current market conditions. Since the investors buy houses as-is and pay in cash, they usually evaluate the house at a price lesser than the fair market value.

The fair cash price proposed by the investor is not the honest price of the house. Therefore, if you are someone who is not in a hurry to sell your house, you should make some improvements to the house to negotiate a better price or go by the traditional method.

10. Real estate scams

Scammers are everywhere, there is no stopping them. What you can do is be more vigilant and do a lot of research before selling your house. Use the internet. Check for their reviews online, check their website, and check the URL of the website. Select a reputable company in Spokane, WA to sell your house.

11. You will have no idea to whom your house will be sold

Once you have sold the property to the investor, you have no control over who buys it. This information is kept confidential. If you are buying a property from an investor make sure you take help from a reputable title company to track the history of the house’s owners, to get more information about the property.

Moreover, if your investor is a part of an investor group or institution, they are probably investing on behalf of their client, and their client data is always kept confidential.

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How to find cash buyers?

It’s not very difficult to find an investor. Sometimes, if you put up a “For Sale” board or an ad in the local newspaper or on Google, local home buyers and investors will send a fair offer to buy your house. They are always looking for properties to buy so that they can make a good profit out of it during the resale.

Methods when dealing with an investor

If no investor has approached you yet, you can try the following methods.

  1. You can get in touch with licensed real estate agents and ask them if they know an investor or a local cash home buyer.
  2. You can also take a look at people who go for real estate auctions. Most people who win the bid have to pay in cash so you will probably find someone interested in your property there.
  3. Just use the Internet. A simple search on a search engine can lead you to a bunch of good investors. When searching for investors online please read through their reviews and the entire website. Also, check the URL of the website to see if it’s a legit platform or not.

Get ready to sell your house fast

Sell your house as is in Spokane, WA to an investor and make your life easier. Contact Home Front now, receive a fair cash offer and sell your house fast. We are the experts in helping homeowners list their houses in Spokane.