How to Make Your Home Appeal to Younger Buyers

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The number of first-time homebuying millennials continues to rise. One-third of consumers are now young buyers, according to research. It is anticipated that this figure will increase further over the following few years. According to a study by the ,National Association of Realtors, Millennials represent the largest homebuyers in the United States demographic. The millennial generation has overtaken the baby boomers as the most numerous demographic group in the United States. To attract young buyers from the millennial generation and close a quick sale, it’s wise to update your property in ways that will appeal to this demographic. Otherwise, your home could remain on the real estate market for a long time.

People of the millennial generation know their way around the internet and prefer to make purchases based on solid evidence. The majority of young buyers start their search for a new home with a head full of data, a wish list of features, and a list of desirable lifestyle characteristics. For Millennial homebuyers, the most important consideration is how the space would enhance their “ideal existence,” which places more value on leisure than on getting things done. However, Many Older generations of buyers likely want a large backyard and calm surroundings. Younger buyers, in particular, are increasingly lured to urban areas for their convenience. Therefore, it may be easier for today’s younger purchasers to forego a sizable yard in favor of proximity to public transportation.

Why Is It Crucial To Appeal To Millennials And Younger Customers?

To be competitive in today’s real estate market, businesses must learn to appreciate the needs of the younger generation, the youngest and soon-to-be largest buyer demographic. So, to make your house stand out and attract one of the largest groups of purchasers, here are some ideas that will add instant value and home broader appeal to millennial buyers.

How to make your older home appeal to young buyers? Here are a few ways.

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By making some well-considered adjustments to your future home, you can not only meet their needs but also earn a profit. Millennials are not known for being stingy with their money unlike other generations, but they will shell out the cash for a product or service that meets their requirements. The following are a few suggestions for improvements to your home to make it more suitable for today’s younger buyers.

Renovating Your Bathroom and Kitchen:

Millennials make up the largest demographic of homebuyers researching entry-level prices. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are out of the question due to a lack of resources. It’s no secret that today’s youngest homeowners (the millennial buyers) opt for modern kitchens. Remodeled with brand-new countertops, updated cabinetry, and hardwood flooring. Replacing the cupboards and counters in your kitchen is a quick and easy way to modernize the space. Hardwood floors, which are becoming more and more desirable among homeowners, can also do wonders for the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Bathrooms with fresh tile and up-to-date fixtures also appeal to buyers in the millennial age bracket. It is possible to increase the number of millennial buyers interested in your home by investing in a kitchen and bathroom remodel, and employing a professional team to do the work. You should expect a substantial return on investment when you sell your house as a result of these improvements.

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Having an Office at Home:

After the global coronavirus outbreak, people of all ages and other generations are increasingly opting to work remotely. However, the younger generations in the workforce are the most likely to benefit from the remote employment trend. Since young adults nowadays value freedom of schedule and location in the workplace, many are opting to set up shop from the comfort of their homes. As you prepare your house for most buyers to tour, you should set aside a dedicated workspace to highlight the property’s adaptability as a place to live and work. If you don’t have a dedicated office space or an extra bedroom, you may convert one of your existing bedrooms into a hybrid working and sleeping area. Another option is to use an unused part of the house, such as a basement, garage, or even an attic. Having a door that can be closed or, at the very least, a screen or other separation between you and the rest of the office is essential for privacy while you’re at work. Make sure there are enough windows for natural light and that there is a way to heat and cool the space without disturbing anyone. Additionally, if extra outlets are required, install them.

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Home automation and intelligence systems:

Home purchases by millennial home buyers in the real estate market are the generation that came of age during the height of the personal computer revolution, so it stands to reason that they would be fond of cutting-edge appliances. Their entire worlds are in their hands, and many want to buy a house that they can run entirely from their phones. Features like enhanced home security, reduced utility bills, and convenient remote control are just a few of the numerous advantages of a “smart house.” Smart home technology can boost electricity expenses for the environmentally conscious millennial, but it also gives them peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their dwelling from afar.

Open free space(Open concept):

Place furniture to allow lots of space to stroll around and through an area while maintaining the home’s open layout. In a small room, this trick can work wonders. This generation is known for being extremely sociable, so millennials prefer having many visitors to their new house. Open floor plans encouraging social interaction and free movement are a major selling element for today’s youth. Displaying the room’s adaptability by staging it to look like it can meet that need will set it apart from competitors in real estate.

Embrace technology:

Millennials are the most competitive generation unlike the older generations, and they enjoy researching topics online. Before scheduling a visit, they look at postings online to find a suitable house. Before ever stepping foot in your front door, many of them will have already done extensive research on the region, including nearby schools and businesses. If they choose to schedule a viewing, you’ll want to ensure that the property looks just like it does in the photos.

Bedrooms and living areas that are both comfortable and well-lit:

The bedroom has come to represent the very idea of “comfort” in our culture. It’s not hard to make your bedroom more inviting. For a more cohesive look in your bedroom, consider purchasing an “all-in-one” bedding set. Upgrade your dated draperies. Using mirrors to create the illusion of more room is a common and effective design trick. One of the easiest things to do is to turn on the lights in your bedroom and throughout the house. Millennial-friendly living spaces must combine practicality with a touch of luxury like a modern floor plan. Consequently, if you’re thinking of ways to improve the aesthetics of your living room, the most significant thing you can do is invest in some high-quality lighting. Upgrade your lighting if it requires it. Make sure the windows are spotless, and the lighting fixtures can handle as much intensity as you can throw at them. Open the blinds and allow as much natural light as possible when showing your home’s appeal.

Places with Multiple Purposes:

For today’s young adults or young professionals, it helps if your house has areas that can serve more than one function. A rising number of millennials home buyers in the real estate market are looking for homes with flexible spaces that may be used for various purposes as requirements or interests change. They may be looking for a place for formal dining room, exercise room, media room or the place where they may perform yoga or meditate in addition to playing video games in their spare time. Intelligent, well-considered design solutions that maximize space without adding square footage and the associated expenditures appeal to many millennials (today’s buyers). Include as much ingenious storage as possible. Make use of spaces that would otherwise be wasted, such as the ones that can be found under staircases, windows, over entrances, and corners.

Materials That Require low maintenance features:

Most potential buyers won’t have much time or money to spare when purchasing a home. They aren’t interested in spending their time or money updating a rundown residence. Homes that are turnkey and have little maintenance are more appealing to today’s millennial buyers. When redecorating your home, consider using low-maintenance materials. Quartz countertops, full-sheet materials like back-painted glass, and quartz backsplashes all do away with grout lines, making them much easier to clean. The millennial home will also feature low-maintenance vinyl-sealed, concrete, or hardwood flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. These are the inexpensive makeovers that will boost your home’s appeal to young buyers.

Move-in ready:

Today’s youth, the “millennials,” have a lot on their plates. They are too busy to paint the walls or make repairs or renovations. They would like to spend their spare time with loved ones as much as possible. Make sure your single-family home is in move-in condition before marketing it to millennials.

Make a Dedicated Space for Washing Clothes:

The ,National Association of Home Builders found that a dedicated laundry room was the feature most desired by millennial home buyers. About half of those polled stated they wouldn’t buy a house with combined laundry facilities. Consider turning a closet or unused space into a laundry room, as lacking one is a selling breaker for many millennial home buyers. According to Consumer Reports, manufacturers are creating washer/dryer sets with a matching fit and finish, so you can put them on the second floor where they won’t be in the way.

Create a relaxing oasis in your own home by upgrading your bathroom:

Since most of us have hectic, stressful lives, it helps to have a bathroom that inspires calm and relaxation. You can make even the most unremarkable bathroom’s interior design into luxurious spas with a little effort. It can attract younger buyers. Bathrooms can be upgraded to provide the impression of lavishness. Think about the bathroom must-have items that you’d expect in a high-end hotel bathroom: soothing neutral hues for universal appeal, plush towels, smaller tables, a basket of high-end soaps and moisturizers, lights, and aesthetically pleasing containers and dispensers.

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Verify the cleanliness and proper operation of all home appliances:

A millennial buyer’s initial impression of a home is crucial, so make sure it’s good. Prospective buyers will worry if the rest of the house is also in poor shape and if all of the appliances don’t function and are dirty. They might outrightly reject to make an offer if they see that you don’t maintain your property. They notice the nitty gritty of the home like if the formal dining room set is been cleaned or not. Today’s buyers need to know what to anticipate from their home appliances before they buy their first home. Having clean and functional appliances and home makeover is a must before putting your property up for sale. The millennial generation has a simple preference for new or recently updated appliances, which can increase your property’s appeal.

Put New Energy Efficient Appliances:

In order to safeguard the planet, the target audience is willing to shell out a little extra cash. Younger buyers are looking for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly household appliances that will help them positively affect the world. More than 70 percent of millennials buying houses now want to have Energy Star-certified appliances. These younger audiences are shopping for appliances that will help them save money and be equipped with the most cutting-edge convenience features and technology.

Open Shower:

The open shower has become a popular and hottest trend. The traditional bathroom layout with tub and shower is less appealing to modern purchasers. Consider adding an open shower to your bathroom makeover if you have the money.

Update Home Light Fixtures:

The lighting fixtures in your home could use an upgrade if you find yourself with a few more dollars. You don’t have to spend your savings on the down payment for updating these stylish fixtures. Affordable and stylish light fixtures are easily accessible in various materials and styles. You may alter the mood of a room, and focal points and draw attention to its most delicate features by adjusting the lighting after the furniture has been removed or the room has been staged.


These are just a handful of many possible improvements that can be made to your home to raise its market value. Many home buyers are content with homes that will only need simple upgrades after they move in. You may save time and effort by not worrying about making your property look beautiful inside and out before selling it. If you want to renovate your property and think you can attract younger buyers to the region, you should take the initiative to execute some of the suggestions provided here.