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Off Market Real Estate: Is Selling Privately Worth It?

Updated: Sep 5

If you’re in a situation where you have to sell your home quickly because of circumstances out of your control, that’s where Homefront comes into the picture.

Whether it is a pending foreclosure, taxes, code violations, divorce, inheritance, property maintenance issue, trouble tenants or anything else, a private investor (like us) can help.

When you’ve finally reached the decision and need to put your current home up for grabs, you have to ask yourself, “Should I put my home on the market or sell it privately with an investor?”

Maybe the conventional, market listing process doesn’t fit your situation, and you’re interested in exploring off market real estate options with a professional investor.

Whether you’re too busy or private of a person to sell your home publicly on the market, there are other options that’ll get your residential real estate sold.

When you trust Homefront to buy your property:

  • You’ll receive an instant offer from us;
  • You don’t have to fix up, renovate or clean your house to sell to us;
  • You don’t have to wait months on end to get paid for your home;
  • Bills, taxes or insurance fees on your current property are lessened due to our ability to close quickly;
  • Increased flexibility depending on your unique situation not available with standard real estate transactions;
  • There are no commissions or fees to pay when working with us!

Homefront makes it quick and easy for homeowners to get out of their homes, so that they can continue onto the next chapter of their lives.

On Market vs. Off Market Real Estate

The traditional way of selling your home typically involves listing your property into a multiple listing service, MLS.

An MLS is a cooperative, digital platform and database that allows real estate agents and clients access to a pool of available properties on the market.

When your home is listed in an MLS, other statistics and property information will be included such as: price, square footage, number of rooms, days on the market, property taxes, and so on.

Your home’s details can go viral on the web and show up on social media platforms, websites, and other real estate listing sites like Realtor, Zillow, Century 21 and many more.

A real estate agent is required to list on the MLS, meaning you’ll have realtor commissions and fees to pay at the end of the sale.

You have to wait for your home to sell while it’s listed on the market and during that time, you still have to pay your property taxes and insurance fees. Once under contract the buyer can drag out the selling process further meaning more taxes and fees!

Sounds pretty inefficient for someone who is looking to sell a home fast.

So, what does the alternative, off market, offer?

An off market listing doesn’t get broadcasted or marketed to the public because it doesn’t include your home in an MLS.

Off market real estate transactions are a two-person deal. No real estate agent is required meaning no fees or commissions, a better deal for everyone!

If you’ve ever seen a home listed as, “For Sale by Owner”, and advertised through word-of-mouth, classifieds or with a sign in the yard, that’s an example of a private off market home sale.

Privately Selling: Residential Real Estate

People typically resort to off market real estate deals if they’re trying to sell their home fast because of circumstances out of their control.

Other convenient reasons to consider selling your home off market include:

Control & Privacy:

Whether it is because of divorce, financial issues or simply a desire for full privacy, some people want to be discrete when selling their home.

Off market real estate allows individuals to be as confidential and in control as they want because their home isn’t being advertised all over the web.

Homeowners also have more control because they are directly dealing with the private investor (HomeFront), rather than communicating through 2 realtors.

No Logistics & Flexibility:

Private home sales mean no staging, showings or open houses.

Don’t worry about renovating or fixing up your home when you’re selling to Homefront. Leave the mess and the repairs for us!

We always buy homes in as-is condition.

Sell Faster:

Selling your home privately means that you get to skip the middleman and go straight to the buyer, us!

You also get paid faster, with quick closings you can get paid in as little as 3 days, compared to on market that can take up to 90 days for payment.

HomeFront will give you an offer based on what your home is worth in current condition, and you get to walk away with no commissions or fees, stress-free.

Selling a Home Privately: With HomeFront

When you choose to sell your home to HomeFront, you get all the benefits of selling your home privately.

Just tell us a little bit about your property and why you are selling it, and HomeFront will send you a reasonable, cash offer.

No ties, hidden fees, or gimmicks.

HomeFront makes it easy for you to sell your home and walk away stress-free, every time.