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Is It Safe To Sell Your House To An Investor?

A real estate transaction can be tough. In today’s market, it’s tempting for homeowners to take short cuts in the home selling process to avoid the hassle of a traditional sale. Now more than ever, home sellers are looking into alternative options to working with real estate agents or going about the sales process alone.

Working with a real estate investor is quickly becoming a attractive option for home sellers. But is it safe to sell your house to an investor? Here’s what you need to know before making a decision.

The Difference Between a Real Estate Agent And a Real Estate Investor


Real estate agents are professionals who are licensed to organize and assist home owners in a traditional home sale. They are normally tasked with either helping to sell a home or helping a traditional buyer find a home to purchase.

Real estate investors are different as they invest capital in property and usually work against a great investment strategy. Investors buy and sell properties, manipulate their valuation, collect rents, and sometimes lobby politicians and governmental land-use agencies to realize a profit.

What’s The Different Between Selling Your House To An Investor And Making A Traditional Sale?

When working with a real estate agent and going through a traditional sale process, it can take much longer and requires more effort from the home owner or buyer. You can usually get market value for home this way, but the process can be greuling for all parties involved, especially in a competitive market.

The benefit of working with real estate investor over an agent is that it’s essentially hands off. Working with an investor allows you to get an instant cash offer at fair market value, where as a traditional sale takes more time for the money to get into your hands.

Selling to an investor allows you to walk away from the process more quickly and also helps you avoid any closing costs. This is ideal if you are going through sudden life-change and have to move but don’t have the time to commit to a traditional sale process.

Is Selling Your House To An Investor Safe?

It is 100% safe when you work with a reputable real estate investor. It’s important to do your research, but it can be easy to find a real estate investing organization that can help you.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling Your House For A Cash Offer?

There are many benefits to selling your house to real estate investors for a cash offer, such as:

  • Fees for cash offers condo sales are lower.

  • Cash offers require less effort.

  • Cash offers close more quickly.

  • Open houses are not required.

  • You can skip negotiations.

These benefits alone should be enough to convince you that selling to an investor is a great option in your local real estate market.

How Is A Cash Offer Calculated?

Home investors want to purchase at a price that is fair to you, but also fair for them. The purchase price or offer varies based on the condition of the house. The valuation of your property depends on a few things, such as:

  • Its condition at the time of sale.
  • The market value of the property.
  • When do you need to sell?
  • Type of investor you are selling it to.

How Does The Process Of Selling To An Investor Work?

If you’ve decided that working with a real estate investor over an agent is a better option for you, your next question will likely be how to get started once you choose between your options of real estate investors.

Reach Out To A Real Estate Investor

You want to make sure you’re finding the right investor who understands your situation and can provide you with the best market value possible for your home. Reputable investors will ensure that the process is simple and fair. 

Provide Information About The Home You’re Selling

Next, you will want to provid your investor with all the information about your home. This includes basics like an address and condition of the house, but might also require a financial history about the house. Investors will need to hear about recent home improvements or any issues that have come up in the past as well. 

Show The Investor Your Home

Before a home can be sold to an investor, they will need to see the house. Usually this is done in-person, but now many investors offer virtual showing options as well. 

You’ll Get An Offer!

After you have provided all the necessary information and have completed other formalities, you will be presented with an offer. You are not legally obligated to accept an offer, though. Before agreeing, it’s important that you read over your offer and ensure that it’s the right option for you.


Working with real estate investors is a completely safe option for those looking to sell their home hassle free and avoid closing costs. A cash buyer can help you avoid a lot of the turmoil of home selling and gets you out the door quicker. 

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